UC San Diego alumni coaches

The Coaches

UC San Diego is known for rigorous academics but just think of adding intense training and competition into the mix. Through all this, a great coach can make a huge difference for student-athletes—something these alumni athletes know full well.

Here’s what they see in the Tritons they coach today:

Matthew Ustaszewski
Matthew Ustaszewski ’04

Matthew Ustaszewski ’04
Associate Head Coach, Men’s Water Polo
“Every day at UC San Diego I find myself working with extraordinary people: the students, alumni, faculty and staff members I meet are some of the most successful individuals I’ve ever known. It is a privilege to get to work with so many brilliant overachievers, who are all driven to excel in any endeavor they pursue.”


Dalayna Sampton '18
Dalayna Sampton ’18

Dalayna Sampton ’18
Assistant Coach, Women’s Basketball
“As coaches, we help grow and shape the future for our student-athletes, which is exactly what my coaches did for me. That’s what’s so fulfilling about it—teaching young women to claim their strength and never back down from challenges on the court will translate once they choose their careers after graduation.”


Nate Garcia '00
Nate Garcia ’00

Nate Garcia ’00
Head Coach, Cross Country/Track
“The biggest difference since my days as a student is in student activities and support services. Communities like the cultural centers and Teaching and Learning Commons are now vital to succeed in the challenging academic environment here. The students remain the same, though—it takes a special type of individual to be a Triton, and though styles and trends may change, I definitely see the through lines from my class to today.”

Chelsea Carlisle
Chelsea Carlisle ’12

Chelsea Carlisle ’12
Associate Head Coach, Women’s Basketball
“I always felt like I was at home in every aspect of my life here—on my team and in my college and major. I see that same thing now in the closeness of the student-athletes I work with. They are hardworking, driven, selfless individuals who want to make the people around them better. They reflect the university in that way, striving to make the world a better place.”


Kevin Ring
Kevin Ring ’96, MS ’98

Kevin Ring ’96, MS ’98
Head Coach, Men’s Volleyball
“The scholar-athletes who choose to come here want to be challenged academically and athletically. Each year brings in a new crop of players that we help reach their full potential, and oftentimes that includes being a mentor beyond the court. Helping develop the whole person is especially fulfilling as an alumnus coach—I know what that means, having been coached myself.”


Clint Allard
Clint Allard ’08 (left)

Clint Allard ’08
Associate Head Coach, Men’s Basketball
“I really appreciated the duality of my life here. I learned from professors at the top of their fields and tested myself against other high achievers in my major, as well as in basketball. In the same way, I now work alongside coaches who’ve been here 40-plus years and student-athletes who excel on and off the court. They all inspire me to learn and grow as a coach, so I can give my best to my team.”