Gold Standard

I may not be a Graduate Of the Last Decade (or GOLD as we say), but I know GOLD: my wife and I are proud parents of a UC San Diego alumna who graduated just last year. Her first few months out of college are a window into what faces all recent graduates—the uncertainties and opportunities, the dreams and ambitions, the setbacks and successes—all things that can be better navigated with a strong alumni network.

Our UC San Diego Alumni team is actively interested in the lives of our GOLD alumni, and we have learned a few things about these most recent Tritons who make up nearly 40 percent of our alumni base—more than 75,000 strong:

They have jobs—but not the jobs they’ll keep. This is the single most important aspect in which the university, and we as alumni, can impact the lives of graduates just starting out. Tritons are smart, hardworking and ready to get ahead in life. We can all benefit from engaging with the degree of talent we all share.

They connect differently. Everyone finds their niche in college—a club, a community, a team. But the opportunities available to connect and stay connected after graduation have grown in amazing ways. Connect with UC San Diego Alumni over Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and we’ll be sure to keep you interested and engaged.

They love UC San Diegoif you ask. They love their time spent here, the caliber of the education, the friends made and of course, the weather and scenery (something we can all agree on!) But we can turn up the volume on our pride: wear it proudly and remind ourselves and each other of our beginnings here, no matter how far we’ve gone since.

So many alumni are just starting out, and we want to identify the needs of this growing population. We need to learn more about GOLD and all our alumni—so please update your information, tell us what’s going on with you and let us know what you think. We’re here for you:

With Triton pride,

Jeff Belk
President, UC San Diego Alumni

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