Letter from the Alumni President

Our Triton Family

When I was a student, there were few spaces on campus that were just for us. Today, the campus is undergoing a monumental transformation that gives students the highest priority. The proposed Triton Center—located at the heart of campus—will provide expanded student services like instructional support, student health and wellness services—including mental health—along with academic services and resources. It will also include the new Alumni Center—a de facto home for alumni—and will function as a hub for alumni to meet up with each other, make connections, and engage with our incredible students.

Over the last two years, our students have experienced a whirlwind of challenges, both off and on campus. It is paramount that they receive the attention they need while they are here, and when they leave upon graduation. During my time on the Alumni Board, it has become apparent to me that the needs of our students are very different from what we may have needed as students. Our students need support, but most of all, our students need mentoring and guidance. In other words, they need you. They need us—their Triton Family.

Our students want alumni mentors—and they want to hear from younger alumni about their experiences in transitioning to the work world. But they also value the feedback they get from alumni of my generation. Don’t think you need to be retired or have a great amount of time to volunteer. You can create meaningful experiences in an hour. With Take a Triton to Work, you can show our students what work looks like today. Your gift of time can make a huge difference in the lives of our students. I encourage you to mentor a student.

Our students also need scholarship support. There are now more than 226,000 UC San Diego alumni worldwide. Imagine what we could do if we supported student scholarships, together, as Triton Family. Every dollar counts and each contribution can make a tremendous impact when combined. Will you join me for UC San Diego’s Day of Caring, May 12-13?

Although this is my final letter as the Alumni President, it is definitely not farewell. I will continue to serve on the board and focus on the things that I care deeply about. I will continue to serve because I know service matters. I encourage each of you to continue to lead and make an impact in your communities, to support UC San Diego, and take action when you are called. Don’t just think about it—act today.

With Triton pride,

Kimberley Philips Boehm, Warren ’82, PhD
President, UC San Diego Alumni Board of Directors