President’s Letter

For All We’ve Done…

After reading this latest issue of Triton, I am astounded by what we’ve accomplished at UC San Diego in such a short time frame. Reading about the many student movements our campus has seen, and the impact they’ve made—the organizations and resource centers, the alumni we’ve produced who advocate for others—it shows how our collective action can make a true difference, and how together, we can make a change.

We made this university. Every generation of students has made it their own, made it grow, and made it better. And for that reason, as alumni, we cannot leave it behind.

If you look at the numbers, the national average of alumni who give back to their university is 8%. This year, our goal for alumni participation is 4.5%. If you look back on your time here, I’m sure you’ll find something—your college, your major, your club, team, or student org—something that changed you, something worth supporting as it changes students today.

A gift not only demonstrates your commitment to UC San Diego, but it opens up doors for students and researchers, supporting our mission to make the world a better place and improving the experience for all those to come. Our gestures of alumni support count: not only in rankings, but in people’s lives.

Let’s make it known—that we come from a great place, and when we give back, it becomes greater. I hope you’ll join me when we say this together, as loudly as we can, on May 16—UC San Diego’s first-ever Giving Day. It’s something we all need to hear.

With Triton pride,

Jeff Belk ’83
President, UC San Diego Alumni