Spirit of Saltman

The Saltman Quarterly is one branch of Dr. Saltman’s long-lasting legacy at UC San Diego. Started by undergraduate students after Dr. Saltman’s passing, this growing program sustains his passion for sharing science with the broader community. With two print publications, Saltman Quarterly and Under the Scope, and several digital channels, we bring together scientists, writers, artists, editors, photographers and many others on campus. Our team of students strives to bring stories of biology research being conducted here, as well as around the world, out of esoteric circles and into the public eye. The publications capture science as increasingly cross-disciplinary, unprecedented and inclusive while still valuing scientific integrity and accuracy. Our organization is a tangible continuation of Dr. Saltman’s legacy, as each generation of Saltman Quarterly staff is bonded by a mutual passion for science and is strengthened by each publication we produce.

Were you part of the Saltman Quarterly? Tell us at tritonmag@ucsd.edu