The Power of Networking

Wil Dyer, Marshall ’10. Interim Director, Industry Engagement, UC San Diego Alumni & Community Engagement

(And what you need to do about it.)

We’ve all heard it before: “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Yet very few job seekers take this to heart and continue to seek professional mobility through antiquated means like online job postings and staffing agencies. Now more than ever, your career path is dictated by maintaining and utilizing your professional network—and what better place to start than with your fellow Tritons?

I’ve spoken with recruiters and hiring managers from today’s most sought-after companies like Google, Apple, Facebook and more, and while these companies all seek a variety of skills and qualifications in job candidates, they all look to one place first: their alumni network.

Surprising? Don’t assume that a company posts a job and passively waits for the right candidate. From their perspective, hiring from a known network can be an easier, cheaper and more trustworthy source.

Consider your own career trajectory and the types of industries that appeal to you—chances are there’s a Triton out there who can help you break in. With a network of more than 170,000 alumni worldwide, it’s up to you to connect.

Here are three quick and easy steps to engage your Triton network and advance your career:

Attend an alumni event

Triton Connect is an informal networking series designed to connect alumni to each other and the university in exciting locations across the country. Each event includes an inspirational keynote speaker or panel of successful alumni who share insights and advice from their professional journeys. You will leave with practical take-aways, real world tips and new alumni connections.

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Connect online

Surveys of UC San Diego alumni reveal that an overwhelming majority are interested in networking and hiring other Tritons. There’s no easier way to get in touch with your network than by connecting on sites like LinkedIn, which hosts nearly 130,000 alumni, or join UC San Diego’s own Alumni Advisor Network, which includes established professionals across all industries who volunteer to speak with students and alumni.


Get personalized career advice

Did you know that all alumni can access UC San Diego Career Center resources free of charge? All Tritons can take advantage of nearly every benefit offered at the Career Center, including job fairs, networking nights, company information sessions, on-campus interviews and more.

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