With Triton Pride


I sign many emails and letters with the headline above, yet the sentiment is never diminished every time I write those heartfelt words.  Each time, I am reminded of the privilege it is to share in the mutual pride of UC San Diego alumni. We have 170,000 alumni making an impact in our communities and around the globe.

However, I know we can all “pump up the volume” as Tritons, and be more vocal as UC San Diego alumni. We can start by sharing our collective successes with others. Consider Milana Vayntrub, Marshall ’08, on the next page. There is certainly a friend or colleague of yours who may be surprised to learn that the current “face of AT&T” attended UC San Diego. But there is much more to her story. Tell them she is a humanitarian who is passionate about helping refugees, and she started a movement to inspire others to take action on issues that are important to them. If you do so, the next time they see Milana on television, they’ll not only remember that she went to UC San Diego, but they’ll remember what we do as Tritons, and the positive impact we have on the world.

Our Triton bond is strong, and it only gets stronger the more we champion each other and our university. Wear your pride on your sleeve and share the accomplishments of fellow Tritons with your professional and social networks. By doing so, you will elevate and benefit our campus, current students, and fellow alumni in infinite ways.


With Triton Pride,

Jerrilyn Malana, Marshall ’86
President, UCSD Alumni Board of Directors