Break into Tech

Technology companies know that not everyone’s an engineer


Is it possible to break into the tech industry without a tech degree?

The short answer is yes! According to Forbes magazine, large tech employers are hiring beyond science, technology, engineering and math. Companies such as Qualcomm and Google regularly hire UC San Diego graduates in majors like economics, communication, psychology, management science and political science. And with the tech industry expanding, now is a prime opportunity for nontechnical degree holders to break into the field.

Here are four quick and easy steps to start your career in the tech industry:

Set a clear objective
Candidates who have a clear sense of their career aspirations, direction and goals have a distinct advantage over others. Look at the job responsibilities of the position you’re after and take inventory of the education, knowledge, skills and abilities required. One great resource is ONET at

Develop your strengths
Emphasize your transferrable skills on your application by expounding on proven analytical and problem-solving abilities, strong communication skills and the ability to work as a contributing team player. Also, have a good go-to story in your back pocket that can showcase these talents during the interview.

Portfolios: not just for art
Create a portfolio of projects that showcase your domain knowledge, career competencies, strengths, experience and skills. The process of building a portfolio can also help you identify areas where skills need to be developed.

Socialize your interest
Seek mentors in desired fields or conduct informational interviews with people who have jobs that interest you. UC San Diego’s Career Center can help you find alumni contacts in the industry, or point you toward campus lectures, networking events and meetup group activities.

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