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Blue Book Answers

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We received so many great answers to the essay questions from the last issue’s blue book quiz:



Bring back the real Sun God Festival on Fridays!


Take the shuttle from Mesa to Campus that drops off at Mandeville. Grab a cup of Italian Roast at the Art of Espresso. Walk down Mandeville Lane, wave at the Sun God and cut across campus by the forest with the talking and singing trees via library walk and through Price Center to get to Jacobs School of Engineering Structures Lab. Work in the structures lab all morning testing and breaking stuff. Around lunchtime grab a snack and a tea at the Grove Caffe before heading back to JSE for afternoon class, have 1 hr of Office Hours, then 1 hour of class.  Leave campus by 4:30, with Stack of quizzes to grade. Head to Birdrock coffee, grab a drink & grade quizzes. Then Surf’s Up! Head to Windandsea to meet the surf nerds ‘til sundown. Dinner at Pizza Port. Then home to shower. Work on thesis for an hour before bed. The End.


Walk around Geisel, drink some milk tea from tapex, then watch the sunset by the cliffs (walking by Sun God on the way).


I would get a vanilla nut coffee from Art of Espresso, visit at the LGBT Resource Center, and take my partner on a walk to Gliderport.


Catching up with friends in Price Center as they walk through—all day long


Bunch of free prizes in the bookstore with friends.


Chilling with friends.


Spend a warm sunny day drinking outside with the old SEJ crew and hitting the pub afterward.


I help people build their dreams and preserve their past.


Laying on Muir lawn with my friends, taking a drive to the beach, visiting Mandeville for the graffiti, and wandering around campus late at night.


Go to Muir Woods for some coffee and then take a walk around campus.


Getting Goody’s burritos.


Read at book at the old Student, walk along the Snake Path.


Meet up with friends for a cup of coffee at Muir lounge.


Read with a cup of tea at the Zone by myself.


Eat at Goody’s.


Woke up late to an 8am class, ran across marshall field in the fog, after my second lecture of the day at Peterson, a friend picked me up to go down to Scripps to watch the waves.


Play basketball with roommates.


Sunny day, walk to La Jolla Cove or Blacks Beach.


Grab a beer at Porter’s.


Not get inundated by midterms.


Drinking beer and eating chicken sandwiches at the old Porter’s Pub.


Eat lunch outside with old classmates.


Breakfast burritos from CV, watching Netflix and avoiding studying with roommates in your suite.


People watch on library walk with anyone.


A quiet, sunny day where I can take in some sun during lunch with a friend.




Sun God Festival.


All the free (amazing) concerts. I’ll never be that spoiled again.


Surfs Up after your last class.




I was on the track team. I will never forget the feeling of lining up in the blocks on a beautiful day, during the Triton invite; a large, open invitational hosting over 1,000 competitors of all levels from NAIA to decorated Olympians.


I will never forget when my best friend agreed to going out with me. She has now made me the luckiest girlfriend alive for almost 4 years and counting.


Geisel Library. It’s iconic.


Hanging out with friends.


The grad night, first time picking up cap and gown, and took grad pictures.


Hanging out in friend’s apartments


Sun God.


My year of EOP in Padova, Italy


My friends.


The friends I made!


Halloween 2013!


Winning CCAA conference tourney for softball


Being on student government.


Mathematics 121A was a great opportunity to understand vastly complex ideas.


Grueling homework.


I climbed a tree with friends outside the new student center to read a book and eat lunch together.




Price Center.


My team; proud former Triton student-athlete.


Grabbing a late night back at OVT.


Sun God.


Walking from ERC to Sixth on a rainy day.


Lots of studying.


Volunteer work.


Humanity courses are killer.


Breakfast burritos from CV and studying all night.


Difficulty of classes.


My time in the library.




Sun God Festival.


A life-changing experience. Nostalgia.


Best years of my life.




When I think of UC San Diego, I think of friendship and growth.


I think of the incredible opportunity I had to study at Scripps. My fellow graduates can’t believe that I got to work with some of the most famous oceanographers today.




Computer labs.


Socially dead, Geisel overnight, sleep-deprived.


Complete happiness.


Naive optimism.






The beach and good ppl.


Lots of math!




How much debt I have.


Studying hard in perfect sunny weather.


I actually think of how I’ve improved from when I felt sorrow, and from depression, and from entering a dark spiral.  I think that while the loneliness I fostered was from strangeness, I see and understand UCSD provided long-term answers to my questions.


The walk between Peterson, the CogSci building and Geisel.




Geisel Library


My best years.


Feeling the ocean breeze as I watch the sunset over Scripps Pier.


Innovation, non-conformity, Rain, Sun, Tapioca Express.


Sunshine, Sun God, and different cafeterias.


La Jolla.


Sunny, modern, learning, Nutella hot chocolate :)


Loved it and would like my children to attend.


Campus and all the cool events and all my memories.




Goody’s burritos.


Ever-growing and changing, so many people.


The Library, and Scripps Institution of Oceanography.