On the Cover

A closer look at the latest cover of Triton magazine.


We were touched by the enthusiastic response from alumni who shared their family snapshots with us. Although we could only include a handful on the cover of the latest issue, each photo has a great story, and we couldn’t help but share them with you. Do you have a great Triton Family photo? Share it with us at tritonmag@ucsd.edu




From left to right: Don Mcleish ’73, Berry Smith, Dan Bridgman ’77, Peter Syka ’75, Rusty Preisendorfer ’78, Elliott Rabin ’75, Vance Lemmon ’73 and Paul Bridgman ’74.

“My brother, Dan, and I have strong ties to UCSD. Our father was a founding faculty member of the School of Medicine and taught from 1965 to 1970. Many of our friends from La Jolla High School had parents that were also faculty members.

When my parents moved temporarily to Atlanta, we rented rooms in our La Jolla house to our UC San Diego friends…and friends of friends. All but one was a surfer, and one, Rusty Preisendorfer ’78, would go on to start the iconic Rusty Surfboard brand.” –Paul Bridgman ’74



Raquel Salazar Carrillo ’72 and Jorge Carrillo ’72 met as undergraduates UC San Diego.  Together with their two sons, Andres Carrillo ’01 and Jaime Carrillo ’05, they established a scholarship endowment to help students with financial need. Read their inspirational story, “Family Legacy” in the latest issue of Triton magazine.



Aaron and Jenny Sathrum with their adorable family.

Materials engineer Aaron Sathrum, MS ’06, PhD ’11, reached out to Triton magazine to share the miraculous story of his son, Niels, who was born at only 26 weeks at Jacobs Medical Center in La Jolla. Sathrum, a recipient of the Jacobs Fellowship, credits UC San Diego philanthropists Irwin and Joan Jacobs with furthering his education and livelihood, but most importantly, providing a state-of-the-art facility for the birth of his children. Read Aaron’s essay in the latest issue of Triton magazine.




A man wearing a white shirt and sunglasses sitting next to a woman smiling widely with short hair and a plaid shirt and dark-colored skirt. They sit on the forest floor, the woman lightly holding the mans arm.
Conor’s parents, Kathleen and Anthony Dougherty.

Essayist and author Conor Dougherty ’99 shares a touching personal essay about his mother, Kathleen, and the day he told her that she had Alzheimer’s disease. Read his essay in the latest issue of Triton.





Amber ’99 and David Bareno ’99 met in high school and married after graduating.  They soon welcomed a daughter and enrolled in Southwestern College. They were both accepted to UC San Diego as transfer students in the spring of 1996 and moved their small family into the Mesa Housing. They didn’t do a lot of the traditional student activities but they did enjoy the quiet of campus between classes. Today, they both work at UC San Diego and enjoy spending time with their granddaughter, Penny. (pictured left)



Lily Poore ’15 shared how she met her husband, Jacob Poore ’15, at UC San Diego’s freshman orientation. They spent a year as friends before they started dating. This summer, they will celebrate their second wedding anniversary. Cheers!






Revelle College student Mary Waugh continues the family tradition started by her mother, Jennifer Waugh ’94, former UC San Diego cheerleader. Go Tritons!




And finally, a bonus photo of future Triton, Niels Sathrum.






Do you have a great Triton Family story to share? We love great stories. Tell us at tritonmag@ucsd.edu