From the Alumni President

Robert Brownlie, UC San Diego Alumni President.
Robert Brownlie, UC San Diego Alumni President.

The editors of Triton said this issue would be a little different this time.

They said this letter would be “up front,” and while I’m not sure what those quotes mean, I thought it would be appropriate to be “up front” as well with the big news of the season—the public launch of the Campaign for UC San Diego and why alumni should get involved.

The reasons are simple: the Campaign for UC San Diego is about people, about place, and about impact.

The people—first and foremost—are students. Just like we did, they come to campus to learn how to make something of their lives. They are learning how the world works, and how to work for the world. And simply, they need the help of those who’ve come before.

Just like we did, these students need a place to learn. Serving a growing student body requires a growing campus—one that embraces the local community, to better share the excitement and promise of UC San Diego.

And just like we were, these students will be inspired by experts who are changing the world, so that they can make an impact in their world, the one our next generation will inherit. That work—what’s being done now and what Tritons will do in the future—
is the heart of our institution.

In the coming pages, you’ll read about how this impact plays out through the lives of our five alumni honorees for 2017. You’ll also hear their thoughts on what UC San Diego means to them. And you’ll not just read about the Campaign, but be inspired to get involved, whether by giving back, volunteering, attending events on campus or wherever you live, or simply taking pride and telling others.

Just make sure to be up front when you do—it can go a long way.

With Triton Pride,

Robert Brownlie ’85
President, UCSD Alumni Board of Directors