Hi, I’m Ken


As a proud alumnus of UC San Diego, I’m honored to serve as Chair of the International Leadership Committee for the Campaign for UC San Diego.

This $2 billion comprehensive fundraising effort is our university’s most ambitious endeavor to date. We’re at a point in our history that calls for that kind of ambition—the time to stand up, to be bold, and to make the case to support our ideals and our work for the world. The time is now—not just for our university, but for us as alumni as well.

Why is this the right time? There are three reasons, which make up the central priorities of the Campaign:

The first is students—enriching their experience and ensuring that education is accessible and affordable for all. Our university is developing and fostering the next generation of disruptors, the next generation of innovators, the next generation of thought leaders. We’re teaching our students to take a nontraditional approach to problems and develop collaborative solutions… “breaking things better” as we like to say.  That’s the kind of education we received, and it’s what UC San Diego gives to our future. It’s a public education to be proud of, and it needs the support of those who received it.

The second is our campus, and the enhancements needed to better meet the living and learning needs of our students and the research needs of our faculty and staff. In transforming our campus, we also aim to deepen our engagement with the community and make our cultural, academic and social experiences more widely available, so that the greater community knows the phenomenal wonder and intellectual stimulation that you and I know lives at the heart of our campus.

And the third is continuing to spark unique research collaborations that can only happen here, driving innovative solutions and converting discovery into impact. Put simply: the world is a better place because UC San Diego exists. It’s one of the greatest public investments on the planet, encouraging understanding and making our world more sustainable and livable. Our alma mater is a powerhouse of experimentation and one-of-a-kind assets—of students, teachers and healers all coming together to continue our longstanding legacy of pursuing the greater good in a nonconventional fashion.

As alumni, we’re a part of this legacy. And we must be the ones who push and drive this work into the future. The success of the Campaign for UC San Diego relies on alumni spreading the word and broadcasting the achievements of UC San Diego, by evangelizing and introducing the university to those who may not know. Because the achievements of UC San Diego are your achievements. And who else can better tell the world what our university has to offer than the sharpened minds and pioneering spirits it has already produced?

Now is the time for UC San Diego—and for us as alumni. The future of our university and the futures of students who walk in our path depends on us. Learn more about the Campaign for UC San Diego and how you can become involved at

With Triton pride,

Ken Kroner, PhD ’88
Chair, International Leadership Committee
The Campaign for UC San Diego