Letter from the Chancellor


Man wearing a suit and a blue button down beneath standing behind a podium speaking into a microphone. Together, We Are More

I often talk about our “Triton Family” when engaging students, alumni, staff, faculty, friends and donors. Those who have close connections to our university are family in every sense of the word. Together, we are curious, collaborative, equitable and diligent in our pursuits. We support one another both directly and indirectly, and we share many of the same goals. We fight disease, climate change and systemic racism. We conceive and develop innovations that improve the human experience. And we evaluate and celebrate humanity through art and culture. Much of this is powered through the incredible generosity of our extended Triton Family.

Engagement and support from 226,000-plus Triton alumni around the world are vital to the continued success of this university. As of March, the Campaign for UC San Diego has received $240 million in gifts from 45,700 alumni donors. For comparison, our previous campaign yielded 28,500 alumni donors and raised $18 million in gifts. That represents a 60% increase in the number of alumni donors and an increase of more than 1,200% in alumni dollars received. It is this critical investment that has carried UC San Diego to new heights, growing the prestige and distinction of your alma mater.

Alumni have also invested heavily in student support and success. Since February 2021, Tritons have donated $10.2 million through the Chancellor’s Scholarship and Fellowship Challenge. With the additional $5.6 million in matching funds, $15.6 million has been raised to directly support our students and advance important equity initiatives. And there is still time to contribute. Gifts to any scholarship or fellowship will receive a $1 match for every $2 given until June 30, 2022. I hope you join us in our efforts to support the next generation of our Triton Family.

Reflecting upon the past couple of years fills me with an immense sense of pride. We have accomplished so much together in support of our values and mission despite challenging times. Whether through generous donations, hosting students at “Take a Triton to Work,” or partnering to hire our brilliant Triton graduates, our alumni and
community consistently support UC San Diego. Each of you contributes to the success of our students, programs and entire university and embodies the spirit of our ever-expanding family.

Speaking of expanding, starting in our next issue, Triton magazine will be shared with a broader audience. You will still see the same great articles about fellow alumni, updates from campus and UC San Diego Health, and previews of upcoming alumni events. But now you will learn even more about the educational excellence, research, initiatives and impact that your alma mater is known to deliver. I know our alumni will take pride in sharing UC San Diego’s impressive success with new members of our Triton Family.

With kind regards,

Pradeep K. Khosla