Letter from the Publisher

Chief Alumni Officer Steph Barry ’94 with founders of UC San Diego’s student newspaper Roger Showley ’70 and Geoff Moyle ’70. Read our interview with the founders here.


At the ribbon-cutting of the new Jacobs Medical Center, I heard a phrase that spoke to me deeply: “There’s nothing else like it.” It was of course appropriate for the facility, as you’ll soon read about how it stands to revolutionize medicine and education, advance our concept of healing and show a new standard for the ideal patient experience.

But in thinking about those words, I realized the same could be said for all of UC San Diego as well—there’s truly nothing else like it. What other university could rise to the world’s stage in just decades? How amazing is our history, from Quonset huts on a former military base to cutting-edge facilities? And for that matter, where else could a freshman be so lucky to have a dorm with a sweeping view of the Pacific? (I was never so lucky, but still.)

Our university’s uniqueness became especially clear to me when we brought two founders of the student newspaper back to campus to meet the young journalists carrying their torch today. Looking through the history on those pages, I was moved by our distinctive Triton character—we are quirky with our Watermelon Drop yet serious about our studies; we care for our community, are impassioned about world events and are fiercely committed to standing up for our beliefs.

UC San Diego is unique among universities, and it is what makes us unique as alumni. This place sets us apart from the pack—in the way we think and what we do—and it’s what brings us together, the common thread we share with the exceptional education and college experience within us.

If it’s been a while since you’ve thought about UC San Diego and your role as an alumnus, I urge you to reconnect with all the ways this university makes us unique. Take a look online at the student newspaper from your campus days, and think about how far you’ve come. Or go for a tour of Jacobs Medical Center to see our vision for the future. I hope you’ll then be inspired to identify with us as alumni and to come be a part of all that this great university has in store.

With Triton pride,

Steph Barry ’94
Assistant Vice Chancellor & Chief Alumni Officer
UC San Diego Alumni