Love, 30 Years Later

Disastrous dates as students didn’t deter these Triton newlyweds.

The first time Andrew Chane ’89 and Laura Carlin ’89 met was during a UC San Diego University Center Advisory Board meeting in 1986. The board was charged with making decisions regarding the new student center, later to be named the Price Center, and Laura was a representative from Warren College while Andrew was a representative for the Associated Student president. As luck would have it, a mutual friend introduced the two, and plans were made to meet up. Although love would eventually come to the pair, it wasn’t this time.

According to Laura, their first date was “intimidating and awkward” with a homemade meal at her house. Perhaps it was a bit too serious for Andrew, who seemed to “ghost” Laura for months afterward, well before the term was even coined.

The years went on, and their paths would continue to cross on campus. During senior year, Andrew asked Laura out for another date. Would they find their love connection this time? Once again, not yet. “It was even worse than the first date,” Laura laughs. They went to dinner at the ’50s-style Corvette Diner (back when it was in Hillcrest), but they weren’t there long—riddled with nerves and insecurity, Andrew left the table to go outside, and when he returned, he said there was some sort of emergency and the date was cut short.

“We still had to face each other at all these board meetings and work together,” says Laura. “So you could say I was less than friendly after that.”

After graduating, they wouldn’t see each other again for almost 30 years. During that time, both Laura and Andrew moved back to Los Angeles, got married to different people, and had children of their own. Once they were both divorced, they entered the world of online dating at the same time.

In 2019, Andrew once again caught Laura’s eye, but this time it was on At first, they had no idea who the other was. She sent him a message, and after a long phone call, he asked her out for a dinner date. It wasn’t until Laura began scrolling through Andrew’s online photos that she realized… this was the same man she had dated—twice!—back at UC San Diego.

She was a little apprehensive because of their less-than-successful history, but they got along so well that evening that they talked well into the night and closed the restaurant. Still, Andrew didn’t realize who she was until Laura made the big reveal.

“I just couldn’t believe it was her,” says Andrew. “Immediately, all these memories—not the memories of the bad dates, but the memories of why I liked this girl all those years ago—came back to me.”

They started going on vacations together and met both of each other’s families. “Friends of ours said that we seemed as if we’ve been together for years,” Laura says.

A year and a half later, Andrew proposed at their favorite restaurant in Ojai Valley. “I may have missed my chance all those years ago, but I got another one,” Andrew says. “I wasn’t going to blow it this time.”

family gathers to celebrate a wedding

They were married in October 2020, at the same restaurant in Ojai Valley where Andrew had proposed. Due to COVID-19, it was a small ceremony and reception with a few family and friends. They decided not to sweat the small stuff and just enjoyed their time together.

After more than 30 years, Andrew and Laura found each other… and the third time was the charm.


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