Murals of La Jolla

While scouting photo locations for the cover story of Triton magazine, the editors discovered the Murals of La Jolla project. Several of the public art projects were created by UC San Diego alumni. We’re pleased to spotlight our Triton artists and hope you’ll plan a visit the next time you’re in downtown La Jolla.

Heather Gwen Martin ’99
Landing (2016)

Heather Gwen Martin’s abstract composition plays with its observer’s perception of space, through its wayward illustration of time and color scheme. Martin, is a Los-Angeles based artist, graduated from UC San Diego’s Muir College in 1999.

Jean Lowe MFA ‘88
Tear Stains Be Gone (2015)

Jean Lowe’s provocative, yet satirical art piece comments on how advertisements promise a solution to all human vulnerability, to make profit. Lowe earned an MFA from UC San Diego in 1988.

Roy McMakin ’79, MFA ‘82
Favorite Color (2010)

Roy McMakin’s visual masterpiece is a depiction of his ideals around color perception and emotion. Finding the topic of preferential color selection highly interesting, the artist created this artwork by having a random group of people choose their favorite color, and their favorite shade of the color. The results formed this mural. McMakin earned a BA and MFA from UC San Diego.

Kim MacConnel ’69, MFA ‘72
Girl from Ipanema (2010; past project)

Kim MacConnel’s Girl from Ipanema aims to offset the otherwise monotone color scheme of the building its on, and the alleyway it is located in. It does so through vibrant color, stark patterns of ripples that are hard to miss. MacConnel received his BA and MFA at UC San Diego. He was also an art professor in the visual arts department before retiring.

Nina Katchadourian, MFA ‘94
Whale (2014; past project)

Whale, by Nina Katchadourian displays the relationship between humans and animals. It attempts to do so by portraying the whale as a shy, hiding figure while also scaling it to fit proportions from human imagination, rather than reality. Katchadourian received an MFA from UC San Diego in 1994.