Letter from the Alumni President

In This Moment

As a writer, I appreciate hearing the stories of alumni—the experiences that make us Tritons. I recently spoke with several alumni who shared what made UC San Diego special for them. While they came from very different backgrounds, they all spoke about the possibilities that this education provided them and how much their family support was part of it. Our collective 60 years of accomplishments, triumphs, challenges, pivots, and leaps ahead are reflected in who we are. So who are we?

In this moment, we are focused on helping UC San Diego students be the best they can be—supporting their journey through giving, mentoring and volunteering. The most recent Take a Triton to Work, Spring Break edition, saw a three-fold increase in the number of alumni who volunteered to virtually host students and share their professional experience with them. Alumni contributions to student scholarships continue to come in ahead of our U.Care Giving Day on May 13, 2021. As part of this effort, Chancellor Khosla has also issued a challenge match to maximize support for general undergraduate scholarships, graduate fellowships as well as medical, pharmacy and public health fellowships.

In this moment, we lock arms in support of social justice and advancing equity. Tritons are helping us reach our campus goal of becoming a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI). Alumni volunteer leaders continue to offer opportunities for us to see ourselves in the programs we host. The 2021 Triton Leaders Conference demonstrated our impact and influence. Those conversations and calls to action continue on TritonsConnect.com—now 10,000 Tritons strong and growing. If you haven’t yet, sign up and join us!

In this moment, we are closer to each other than we have ever been. Tritons near and far are embracing virtual programming, meetings online and connecting via social media. Some are connecting for the first time ever, reminding us that we are alumni forever. As we approach our annual Alumni Celebration Weekend, May 14-15, we can see the clouds parting on the horizon. Soon we will return to gathering in person and sharing more of those stories that hold our collective truths.

Finally, I’d like to express my gratitude to all the alumni who have volunteered this year, especially members of the Alumni Board of Directors who have completed or are completing their terms of service. It has been an honor to serve alongside you all!

Kimberley Phillips Boehm, Warren ’82, PhD
President, UC San Diego Alumni Board of Directors