Letter from the Alumni President

UC San Diego Alumni President Kimberley Phillips Boehm stands smiling with a striped shirt and a orange wall behind her.

On the Inside

If you are reading this letter, or any part of this magazine, you already have an enduring interest in UC San Diego. It is a part of you—this education and college experience helped shape who you have become today. This university is inside all of us alumni, and I thank those individuals who maintain a personal engagement with UC San Diego and choose to give back to our university. In this new year, I encourage us to act together as alumni, and further become a driving force supporting the future of our alma mater and its students.

No doubt you’ve heard about the transformation of UC San Diego—the new neighborhoods, innovation spaces, the Blue Line Trolley extension and an Alumni Center on the horizon. This outward transformation of our campus should have a special significance to alumni, because unlike any other, you know what happens on the inside of these buildings. You know firsthand the personal transformation that happens in the life of every student who shares in our UC San Diego experiences. And this process of transformation is what we, as alumni, need to be supporting regularly.

You were a student too once. You know what it took to succeed in class, and you felt the satisfaction of achievement when you did. You also felt the anxiety, the many unknowns at the prospect of leaving campus and starting out in your career. Now, your advice, guidance and mentorship can help students going through these same experiences today. And in turn, you can learn about what students are going through and all they are accomplishing to finish their education. I know from experience that, as a mentor, you will come away with a changed perspective as you share your wisdom.

Alumni know this university like no one else. And for that reason, I hope that we act together to ensure its success and the success of all Tritons to come. Imagine the collective impact we could make if every alum stepped forward to mentor, to volunteer, or to donate.

I encourage you to take your interest in UC San Diego and make it your ownership of this university. Join TritonsConnect.com and mentor a student who needs to hear from you. Volunteer through our alumni office (alumni@ucsd.edu) and make a difference in our community. Or show your support monetarily, through a donation to student scholarships or any other avenue that is important to you.

Look inside, Tritons—inside our halls, inside this magazine, inside your memories of being a student—and I know you will see many reasons why it is upon us, as alumni, to come together and carry UC San Diego forward. This is our university. As alumni, we will always be the university’s largest constituency. We are Tritons over 215,000 strong. Now let’s make that known, together.