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It wasn’t the UnOlympics, but in 1972 we had the UCSD Tricycle Races around Muir College and through the treacherous sand trap under the volleyball nets. They were hysterical with six-foot guys on tiny, tiny trikes. Lots turned turtle. We also excelled at men’s touch football in the ground fog. Fumbling the ball meant a timeout while both teams discussed where they thought it was last seen. The women’s “cheering section” would get out on the soggy ground to help feel around for it! I had a wonderful time at UCSD but they could not provide a degree in my major, so I transferred to UCLA early on.

Judith Deutsch ’72
UCSD Freshman

Roommate Reflections
Broox Peterson and I were assigned roommates at Revelle College in 1967; we were in one of the original dorms, now called the fleet.  We lived together all four years (you could graduate in four years then!), first in the dorms and then in Del Mar and Cardiff.  From then until now we’ve been close friends.  Broox lives in Sarasota, Florida, and I live in Davis, but we still visit. I spoke to him this morning, which is how I learned of “Where the Heart Is,” in the latest magazine. His has been one of my most important friendships—still after over 50 years.

Jay V. Solnick, ’71
Revelle College

As Jay said, our friendship has been a wonderful and enduring one. Although I am sure that he was disappointed on move-in day when I showed up rather than the female roommate he had requested (so he says), we share many memories from our college days and after. UCSD in those days was small and had little to offer in the way of entertainment or social life, and La Jolla certainly did not welcome students. Perhaps as a result, visits to the Frog Pond, underground excursions in the utility tunnels under UCSD and experiencing trains from under the railroad bridges in Del Mar were popular cultural pastimes for certain students, who will probably be the only ones to understand these references. Jay and I share these memories and many others, good and not so good, and I am grateful that I chose to attend UCSD and met Jay.

Broox Peterson ’71
Revelle College


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