Workplace Showcase: ResMed

Tritons at ResMed help others breathe easy.

The 40-plus Tritons who work at ResMed, a global leader in digital health and connected medical devices, know how much a good night’s sleep can improve people’s lives. The company is the leading maker of connected CPAP machines and masks that address sleep apnea, plus a range of devices and digital solutions both for patients with other chronic respiratory diseases, such as COPD, and clinical providers of out-of-hospital care. As such, they were among the first companies to respond with respiratory solutions to COVID-19. With a headquarters in San Diego, they know how to tap into Triton talent as well—employing graduates in fields ranging from computer engineering to theatre and dance. We visited the ResMed offices before the pandemic and talked with Triton ResMedians helping the world breathe:

Director, New Business Creation:
“My main focus at ResMed has been running an internal entrepreneurship and innovation competition—like the television show Shark Tank—looking for fresh perspectives on business frontiers for ResMed to explore. Essentially, my job is enabling smart, purpose-driven people within the company to try new things outside of their day-to-day role. I love encouraging people to think beyond what’s directly in front of them and consider how ResMed could change a new set of patient lives. It’s incredible to see the passion we have here and play a key role in amplifying it.”
Alex Bierhuis ’08
Marshall, Intl. Studies & Political Science

Senior Program Manager, Strategic Initiatives:
“When I started working here 10 years ago, I was a bit insecure about telling people about my degree in theatre and dance, but I now believe my education and experience in the arts is my greatest strength. Being able to bring in a unique kind of creativity into the workplace has been really valued. Skills like how to design and give a presentation, how to inspire and motivate people have really been put into practice here. I’ve also found I’m really data-driven, so it’s been a great place for me to have combined the magic of both art and science.”
Amber (Hamer) Wientzen ’06
Muir, Theatre/Dance

Sleep Product Manager:
“I was a part of the swimming and diving program at UCSD, and as an athlete, you definitely learn how to be on a team. Whether in sports or your job, you can’t get anything done unless you learn and understand how to work with other people. Those team skills I learned in college have been one of the best lessons I’ve taken away and applied here at ResMed. Of course, I use my cognitive science background too—understanding how people make decisions, how they interact with a particular product or interface, then using that information to solve problems. But it’s most rewarding to contribute those skills to the larger team at ResMed.”
Erika (Rodman) Haydon ’14
Marshall, Cognitive Science 

Senior Software Engineer, Digital Health Technology:
“The software industry changes so fast, so what I found most applicable about my education is being inspired to always keep up with the latest advancements in the field. I could see that kind of forward-thinking in my professors, and I remember them most for that—not the actual content of their classes, but for the passion they showed for the subject and getting me interested in keeping up with the evolution of the industry.”
Stan Kurdziel ’00
Revelle, Computer Science & Engineering

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