Surfers of UC San Diego: Logan Laubach ’17, MS ’18

Logan Laubach ’17, MS ’18

Logan Laubach ’17, MS ’18
▪ College: Revelle
▪ Major: Biology
▪ Hometown: San Clemente, CA
▪ Currently Lives: Richmond, VA
▪ Career: Medical Student –  Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine

What inspired you to join the surf team?

I was pretty fortunate to grow up in San Clemente. A lot of surfers probably know where that is because one of the world’s tournaments is there. Growing up, my middle and high schools had surf teams as a varsity sport, which not many other high schools have. So when I went to UCSD, it seemed like a natural extension. Honestly, one of the main reasons I chose UCSD is because the surf was so good. I’m not sure that my mom would be super happy about that, but she couldn’t complain too much because UCSD is a great school. At UCSD, there are consistent waves year-round. I definitely lucked out that the education is top-notch as well.  

How did you learn how to surf?

My dad actually taught me how to surf way back when I was six years old. He would push me, a tiny little kid on a three-foot boogie board. I learned to pop up on this little foam board. It helped that he was super active with surfing too. So we’d go surf pretty much every single day, either before or after school and on the weekends. It’s a lifelong sport.

What was being on the UC San Diego surf team like?

The team kind of defined my whole college experience. Like most freshmen, it was my first time ever out on my own, and I was trying to figure everything out: how to make friends, what to do with my free time, and how to study for class. I think surfing just completely set the path for my college career. I met a bunch of great friends that I still hang out with and keep in contact with today. They taught me a ton of responsibility, like showing up to the practices and competitions. Then I graduated through the ranks and became the captain for a couple of years and I ended up coaching after I graduated. It gave me the full spectrum of what it meant to be a team player, then a leader, and then a teacher, for incoming freshmen, giving them experiences that I had and all the while allowing them to have their own with their new teammates.

What’s one of your favorite memories from your time on the surf team?

During my graduate year, both our female captain at the time and one of our top male surfers both made the finals, and I believe they both won at Seaside for state championships. It was an amazing accomplishment for our team. But that time for some reason always falls around either midterms or final exams, so it’s always hard to get people to stay afterward. Academics come first, but because both of them made the finals, almost everyone from the team came down. Everyone prioritized it and studied earlier in the day just so they can come watch the finals and celebrate. So that was incredible. 

Logan Laubach ’17, MS ’18 catches air on the waves.

What is your career?

I’m going into orthopedic bone surgery now and will probably specialize in sports medicine. My interest in it started because of my dad, who has been such a huge influence in my life. He’s a veterinarian, so from a young age, I would watch him do surgeries on animals and that started my interest in medicine. But then going through college, I realized how much interest I have both in human medicine and human interaction. I really liked the idea of fixing someone that has some sort of injury and then seeing them be able to get back to wherever they love, like painting or gardening or any sort of sport. I like the idea of fixing people and getting them back to what they were doing before the injury. In undergrad, everyone changed their major a thousand times like me. So we’ll see what happens, but that’s the plan for now.

What is your favorite move on a board?

Right now, the rotor would be my favorite surf move. 

What would you like to share with someone thinking about joining the UCSD surf team?

I think people can get a little bummed out if they don’t make the team the first year because it’s a little daunting. Especially if you’re just coming to college, you don’t know anyone and you try out for a surf team that has some pretty good surfers on it. I was pretty scared trying out, seeing some of the great surfers that come to tryouts. But I would say to just keep coming and practice. And even if you don’t make the team, it’s a great group of people to be around. If you show how much you care about the team and how much passion you have for the sport, you might eventually be able to surf some of the competitions with the team. That’s happened so many times, more often than not. People get busy in the winter and more spots open up. And there’s just been so many amazing people on the team over the years that I wouldn’t trade for the world. So for all those future incoming surfers, please, please, please–stay motivated, make time to surf, get in the water and meet some amazing people.

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