Surfers of UC San Diego: Marty Weinstein ’10

Marty Weinstein ’10

Marty Weinstein ’10
▪ College: Muir
▪ Major: Biology
▪ Hometown: Santa Ana, CA
▪ Currently Lives: San Diego, CA
▪ Career: Dentist, Dental Express

What inspired you to join the surf team?

Surfing has been my sport since I was 14. I competed independently throughout middle and high school. It was part of my upbringing, but I never had a chance to be a part of a surf team in high school because I lived inland. I’m from Santa Ana, about 15 miles inland of Huntington Beach in Orange County. One of the main reasons I chose UCSD is because I knew we had a surf team and Blacks Beach is one of my favorite surf spots in California.

How did you learn how to surf?

I grew up going to the beach since I was really, really small. But I really got into surfing around 12 years old. I was a skate rat because I grew up in suburbia, not a beach town, just a regular neighborhood. I love the beach and the ocean, but I never had a chance to be around it every day. That’s one of the reasons why I always kept getting drawn to itI didn’t have it in my backyard. There was no way I could get burnt out from surfing because it was such a treat every time I got to go to the beach. 

What was being on the UC San Diego surf team like?

The surf community is small, and the surf community at UCSD is even smaller. It’s nice to be part of that despite how sprawling the campus is–to have a group of friends that are on the same wavelength, who care about school and about surfing, was really nice. I became really close friends with a lot of the people on the team who I still am close friends with now. 

What’s one of your favorite memories from your time on the surf team?

Every year there’s a contest at C Street up in Ventura. That was our chance to do a road trip, and it was always a good time. Everyone crammed in my Volvo station wagon and then we just caravanned up and surfed different spots all the way up. The contest was fine and all, but it was mostly just the pit stops that made it great. Along the way, I got to show the team where I grew up and surfed. It was a fun weekend. 

“The contest was fine and all, but it was mostly just kind of pit stops that made it great.”

What is your career?

I’m a dentist now. I’ve always loved to work with my hands and be artistic. I actually considered doing engineering, but the idea of being a doctor always interested me, but when I actually volunteered in one of the hospitals, I didn’t think I would be happy doing that kind of work. So I ended up shadowing a dentist, a fellow surfer actually, and a light bulb moment went off for me. He loved his job and got to build things every day in people’s mouths. Like me, he was very artistic, so his patients loved him. I always tell premed or pre-dental students to go get experience shadowing and make sure it’s what you want to do because it’s a pretty hardcore journey. 

What is your favorite move on a board?

If you asked me that question back at UCSD, it probably would be doing something in the air, but these days, it’s more just trying to go really fast and getting barrels. I haven’t ridden a high-performance contest short board in a long time. So these days, I ride like twin fins or quad set up mid-length boards, something easier to ride, and I don’t have to work so hard paddling. I’m enjoying that part of surfing a lot more. Growing up competing kind of takes the fun out of it over time. 

What would you like to share with someone thinking about joining the UCSD surf team?

Do it. Definitely do it. I would encourage anyone regardless of if you competed or not before college to join the team, because it links you up with other surfers. No matter where you come from, if you’re into surfing, you’re going to connect with those people that you meet. It’s just good to be a part of the team. And even if you’re someone on standby, it would still be a really fun experience. You get to do practices with the team and go on the little road trips. Especially for how big UCSD is, it’s kind of overwhelming when you get there. 

“I would encourage anyone regardless of if you competed or not before college to join the team, because it links you up with other surfers.”

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