“[Climate change] has become, in my view, one of the most interdisciplinary science problems that exists and that’s part of what makes it so exciting.” -- Michael E. Mann, award-winning climate scientist, who spoke at an Earth Day event sponsored by Muir College.
#OnCampus : She's a neuroscientist, and she plays one on TV. Sixth College became Mayim Bialik College for one night as the Big Bang Theory actress shared her love of STEM education. A neuroscience Ph.D., Bialik uses her celebrity as a platform to promote science education, especially to young girls.
#On Campus : New York Times columnist Frank Bruni gave the keynote at Marshall College's 2015 commencement, emphasizing variety is the spice of life (the former restaurant critic knows his spices).
  #OnCampus : 50 years, 50 watermelons. Revelle College again inquired into the terminal velocity of a watermelon dropped from the seventh floor of Urey Hall. The answer? About 112 mph.
  #OnCampus : 40 Years of a Live In Balance. Warren College brought its ruby anniversary to a close this spring.
#OnCampus : "[Ivan's commitment to Making of the Modern WOrld embodies ERC's mission of fostering international cooperation and global diversity."Suresh Subramani, EVC of academic affairs, on scoiology professor Ivan Evans' appointment as the next provost of Eleanor Roosevelt College
#OnCampus : #Like, OMIGOD! Nearly all six performances of the student-run Muir Musical's production of Legally Blonde sold out! I. Can't. Even.