The Basement

What you see here is potential.

The basement of Mandeville Hall—yes, it’s dreary. Yes, it’s a waste. And yes, that’s a child’s broken tricycle, for some reason. In its previous lives, it served the music department as a room for recitals, dance rehearsals and choir practice, evidenced by the reams of old sheet music found in these storage lockers. In the 1960s, when Highway 101 ran straight through campus, rumor has it that the only gas station for miles sat on this spot. Today, this space will fuel an engine of an entirely different kind.

075015_Sept_basementCIn alignment with Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla’s emphasis on entrepreneurship, and with the generosity and vision of its supporters, this site was transformed into the nexus of innovation at UC San Diego—bringing together students and alumni, ideas and inspiration, earnest ambition and real-world experience. The humble beginnings you see here testify to the growth made possible by innovation, as the page is turned on a new chapter of university history.

With student success and mobility as our strongest obligation, The Basement is a space where student entrepreneurs can gather and be nurtured, and with alumni support and visionary leadership, they can grow companies and social innovation ventures that become the fabric of our community, creating jobs and inspiring a culture of ingenuity and impact.

072015_Sept_basementBThe Basement promises opportunity for all university students—regardless of college or department affiliation. The space will provide students with mentors, guidance, and funding to bring innovative ideas to life and further stimulate, encourage and serve the entrepreneurial spirit of UC San Diego students.

Led by the vision of alumni leaders Jeffrey, ’83, and Kim Belk, Aryeh Bourkoff, ’95 and Mark Suster, ’91, The Basement will look to more alumni, friends and corporate partners to invest their experience, knowledge and resources to help student entrepreneurs when they need it most.

Learn how you can be a part at The Basement.

Imagine if you had three more Qualcomm’s in town—how much that would add to the community. The most amazing entrepreneurs would stay here and build local jobs here. Upfront Ventures partner Mark Suster, Muir ’91, B.A. economics and political science, at The Basement launch