Jeff Belk

The Right Time, The Perfect Place

It is said in this magazine, “There’s never been a better time to be UC San Diego alumni.” This is absolutely true: for rankings and recognition, spirit and engagement opportunities—just look at the stats here and you can see what a great year it has been.

I expect we’ll be able to say this same thing next year as well, and every year to come, because the UC San Diego alumni experience is poised to take an immense step forward, one that you couldn’t miss on the cover, and will definitely not want to miss come 2023.

A UC San Diego Alumni Center is now on the horizon. Its creation marks a significant moment for this university, securing and symbolizing the role of alumni in creating the future of campus. The Alumni Center will be the heart of a transformational endeavor, Triton Pavilion, and will see the university through its future as a preeminent place of learning, adding thousands more young scholars and changemakers to our alumni ranks every year.

Only once in a university’s history is an Alumni Center built. This makes our chance to be a part of it—from concept to creation—an incredible opportunity. To be a UC San Diego alumnus right now, at such a transformational moment for this university, is to have a remarkable chance to make truly meaningful impact. Together, we will make this happen.

The Alumni Center will be a place of our own, and as such, it is something we truly need to own—to support and invest our collective time, talent and treasure. Look out for upcoming opportunities to take part in creating our Alumni Center, or let our Alumni office know how you would like to be involved:

With Triton pride,

Jeff Belk ’83
President, UC San Diego Alumni