This Is Us

This is us, your UC San Diego alumni office—the people who make the connections happen.

Durice GallowayWhen you reach out, your message comes here to our team, all of us devoted to the UC San Diego alumni community. We spend our days (and often nights) making sure you are connected and giving you a true lifelong experience with UC San Diego—the amazing place you come from.

We all care deeply about our alumni and this university. I invite you to learn more about our areas of expertise and reach out with your ideas for engagement, how you want to be involved or what being a UC San Diego alumnus means to you. We’re ready to connect with you!

—Durice White Galloway
Senior Executive Director of Alumni Engagement

Alumni Engagement team

Pictured (L-R): Sarah Turner ’08, Biological Sciences; Kristi Ingles, Jacobs School of Engineering; Nurit Mandel, School of Global Policy and Strategy; Ryan Crawford, Physical Sciences; Laura Lothian, Scripps Institution of Oceanography; Kevin Price, Arts & Humanities; and Cyndy Stalmaster ’93 (not pictured), School of Medicine and Skaggs School of Pharmacy

Connect with Academics

Our Alumni Engagement Officers are your points of contact to the academic divisions—your resources inside your area of study. They can plug you into the faculty and subject areas that kept you captivated as a student and ensure that you’re learning your whole life long. Keep the academic mind alive and reach out!

Connect with Campus

Jenelle Dean ’05 is your liaison for campus engagement: reconnect with your college, athletic team or rec league, a club, student org or even your former campus job—anywhere you found your niche outside of class. Jenelle also runs affinity engagement with our cultural councils and special interest groups and is our lead for reunions as well. So to connect with campus outside of your former studies—just drop a line!

Paula ThomasConnect in your Profession

For all things professional development, Paula Thomas ’87 is the one to see. Whether you aim to develop new skills and expertise, or you’re actively seeking new opportunities or top Triton talent, Paula brings together the many connections and opportunities available for you to grow professionally.

Morgan RichertConnect as GOLD

Did you graduate within the last 10 years? Get in touch with Morgan Richert ’14 to connect as GOLD—Graduates the Last Decade. Join a dynamic group of young Tritons actively shaping the early alumni experience. From career development and networking to social events that are meaningful and relevant to the latest Tritons, we are tailoring what engagement looks like in the initial decade—reach out and join in a great experience!

Jarrett Haley and Malinda DanzigerConnect with This Magazine!

We’ve all got one—what’s your story? Jarrett Haley and Malinda Danziger ’00 are the team behind this magazine in your hands, bringing you the latest breakthroughs, the fondest memories and stories of Tritons making waves all over the world. Lend your thoughts on our content or reach out with your own article ideas at

UC San Diego reunions

Connect at Reunions

Longtime friends are the most heartfelt of Triton connections, and we’re here to reunite you with those you still know well, and others you may have lost touch with. Reunions aren’t just for class years; we help host reunions for resource centers, academic programs, clubs, campus jobs and more. Visit:

UC San Diego alumni clubsConnect with Clubs

Even if you’re far from campus, you’re never very far from fellow Tritons. Our alumni clubs across the nation (and world!) can connect you to the alumni network in your region. Beyond our main club areas, our individual regional ambassadors—Tritons who are the go-to alumni connectors in their city, state or region, and we’re always looking for more. So if you’re looking to meet other Tritons in your area, connect with us and we’ll get you started:

UC San Diego volunteers

Connect as a Volunteer

Volunteer opportunities are abundant when you’re a Triton—it’s part of what makes us changemakers. Give back to your community at our Service Days or through one of our many regional clubs’ outreach projects. You can also help deserving students get the resources they need as a scholarship reader, or be the first to tell a hopeful student they were admitted to UC San Diego in our acceptance calling campaign.  That’s just the start—come speak to classes, mentor a student and much more:


We encourage you to connect with us! And be sure to check out our latest online tool, Tritons Connect! Our exclusive online network features a public forum, breakout interest groups, as well as advice and expertise from fellow UC San Diego alumni. Learn more at