“The greatest limitation of environmental impact assessments following catastrophic events is that most aren’t designed to measure damage to ecosystems beyond the immediate aftermath,”

“This is an institution. And as an institution, it’s only viable to the extent that it can serve you. Part of your responsibility to yourself is to know that this place belongs to you, that you are a part of it, that it’s here because you are here, and for your purpose—and you have to claim it as such.”   Alumna Carrie Mae Weems, M.F.A. ’94, concluded her October 12 lecture emphasizing individual ownership of UC San Diego.
Scripps Alumna Marcia McNutt, Ph.D. '76, is set to be the first woman president of the National Academy of Sciences after her July 6 nomination.
The LGBT Center gave me my first safe place to call home and a community that knew and accepted all the parts of who I was.Cara Dessert, '05, on this year's 15th anniversary celebration of the UC San Diego LGBT Resource Center.

Watch eminent earth scientist Walter Munk recount events and personalities involved in UC San Diego’s formative years.