The New Triton is Here.

The thought of this magazine finally being in out the world makes me want to pause this letter and jump up and down for a little while, out of sheer elation that something so long in coming, the product of many minds working many months, has reached its ultimate destination: you.

The new Triton is here. And to celebrate the magazine’s latest iteration, we’ve given this issue the theme of “What’s Next,” showcasing all that UC San Diego and its alumni have in store for the future. It’s the thread that runs through our features, from examining our new life with drones and the implications of a new life with climate change, to alumni breathing new life into our local economy by planting roots and building companies next door to campus.

“What’s Next” is also at the heart of our new signature department, The 4Front, which highlights how UC San Diego is poised to change the world via four research themes outlined in the university’s Strategic Plan. You’ll see how Triton research can impact cultures around the world, as well as revolutionize your next electric car, even your next surfboard.

Along with the high caliber of stories to follow, I hope you’ll notice an equal measure of UC San Diego spirit on every page. My aim for this new magazine is to capture the unique voice I hear on campus every day, and in so many ways—a wave crashing on the beach, the eucalyptus leaves rustling, the wheels of a skateboard whizzing a student downhill.

So this is the new Triton magazine. I’d love to know what you think of it. Yet just because it has now reached your hands doesn’t mean the journey is over. I hope you’ll help these stories live on by spreading the word about what you learn in these pages, let people know what’s next for the world, and take pride that your university, your fellow Tritons, and you too are making it happen.