…what your Alumni Center could be.


Your home, at the heart

The centerpiece in the future of campus, the UC San Diego Alumni Center is on the horizon, inviting you back to the place you came from—where you became who you are today.

The Alumni Center will be the focal point of the forthcoming Triton Pavilion project, a transformational plan to give our campus a true center, a vibrant and lively heart of the university as a destination.

“It will be the first stop for alumni who return to their amazing university,” says Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla. “When they come connect with students, visit for alumni events, take in world-class performances or attend UC San Diego Extension courses, this will be the start of their experience—their home on campus.”

Architects envision the Alumni Center as a beacon to draw you in, whether via dynamic media screens brimming with motion and life, or the sheer architectural expression of our university—evoking its perpetual place on the leading edge. It will be designed to invite, a striking and welcoming form clearly evident as the place to start: alluring and appealing, bold and alive.

And for the inside, ideas abound: exhibits that showcase the university’s past, present and future. Spaces and programming providing interaction with students and research—the latest output from labs and stirring artistic and cultural experiences. It will be yours, a place to land on campus and feel at home as you relive the days that made you a Triton.

At the center of it all,

This icon will be a tribute to you—the alumni who give UC San Diego the prestige and power to create thousands more ambitious Tritons every year. You are this university’s greatest achievement. Your expertise, your creativity and impact on the world—that is the heart of what we do, and the heart of who we are. You are the purpose behind this Alumni Center.

So imagine it with us: What do you want to experience? Where will you take the concept? How will you be a part? Tell us what you see, and what a dedicated space for alumni could mean for you: @ucsdalumni on social media or email